Red Canyon High School Counseling Department

Counselors at RCHS believe that academic achievement and personal success is attainable for each student. A student needs to develop a set of skills using background learning and acquired information to make relevant decisions about his/her choices to function successfully in an ongoing, changing environment. Our comprehensive counseling program includes academic, career and personal competencies set by the American School Counselors Association model and ensures all students use an individualized career and academic plan to direct their life choices. The program implemented at RCHS includes:
  • Providing a comprehensive academic, career and personal competency program for each student
  • Using data from needs assessments and evaluative tools to create an Individual Career an Academic Plan (ICAP) for all students yearly
  • Being accountable to stakeholders through program guidelines and timelines
  • Identifying and monitoring student achievement related to program goals
  • Working with students, families, staff, and administration to streamline data and establish new goals as needed to ensure clear communication and success of the program