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Stewardship Coalition

Eagle County School District is committed to activating sustained partnerships between adults and students as co-creators of compelling and vibrant learning communities. Stewardship Coalitions are an essential component of intergenerational communities sharing power and decision making. 

This is a place to celebrate our diversity and complexity, craft new visions of educational excellence, be creative, be courageous, be critical and make vital connections with ideas and with each other.

The intergenerational coalition is a representative group of diverse individuals committed to making positive changes in their school and community. With student perspectives at the center, the coalition collaborates to address complex educational challenges. 

Students engaged in the process will have opportunities to find their voice as an individual and as a leader. Their commitment to their school and district will provide opportunities to collaborate with community leaders, lead sessions for adults, and work with peers and younger students.


  • Advocate for positive changes in your school and community

  • Participate in gatherings authentically 

  • Show up in stewardship, willing to listen and learn from others with different perspectives

  • Offer and encourage opportunities for connection across difference

  • Collaborate with the coalition to achieve common goals 

  • Engage others in your community 


Member Selection

Teachers and administrators from each secondary school work together to nominate students based on the following criteria:

  • Participants should represent the diversity of the building or district (race, ethnicity, language, ability, sexual orientation, gender orientation, class, achievement etc.).

  • Group should include students who may feel invisible in the school community as well as  students who are perceived as having high social visibility.

  • Participants are perceived as having the ability to communicate across peer groups and/or have strong influence within a particular peer group.

  • Leaders from groups representing all populations should be represented, ie. Gay Straight Alliance, Black Student Unions, Student Council, Latino Club, Athletics, Future Farmers of America, etc. 

  • Participants are seen as willing to participate fully and take creative risks.

  • Link to student application

Together we shine brighter

Participation in our Stewardship Coalition is invitation only. Students interested in participating should reach out to their principal or the building's Coalition's Team staff members to express their interest.

Eagle County School District staff members interested in joining their school's Adult Coalition Team should contact their principal for more information.