Educator Resources

Dear Teachers and Principals,

Every teacher in Eagle County Schools is a teacher of English language learners. If the English language is developed through all content areas, students’ language development time can be maximized, increasing the rate at which students learn English. Students can learn to speak like experts in every content area. It is a challenging to task to teach both language and content in every class, but it provides access to learning for all of our students.

The following are links to support educators as they work from home. 
You will need to be logged in to your Eagle Schools google account to access the links. 

Ideas for teaching language learners remotely! Remote Learning Resources for Language Learners 

CLDE Professional Learning for Teachers! ELL Professional Learning

Click Here for info on Booking an interpreter: Supports for Communicating with EL Parents

Please join the "ECS Teachers of ELLs" Group on Schoology for resources, links, articles, collaboration, and discussion! 
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