Dual Language Education

Eagle County Schools values the cultural and linguistic diversity in our community. With almost half of our students entering school already speaking a language other than English, we have the opportunity to be able to develop both English and Spanish in all of our students.

Eagle County Schools offers schools that provide Spanish language development in the form of a Dual language 50:50 dual language program. In these programs, all students are language learners and all teachers are language development teachers in one language or the other. These schools not only focus on language development, but high academic achievement in both English and Spanish, as well.
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Dual Language 50:50 programs provide the following benefits for all students, including English Language Learners:
Increased cognitive stimulation
Higher levels of engagement
Increased metalinguistic awareness and abilities to develop additional languages
Fewer disciplinary referrals
Higher self esteem
Higher value of diversity
Lindholm-Leary (2001, 2009);Thomas, Collier & Collier (2010)

Eagle County Schools has also observed that students in dual language programs tend to:
  • Learn English at quicker rate
  • Have more strategies with which to tackle challenges
  • Have more ease and confidence when working with others from different backgrounds
The following Eagle County Schools provide 50:50 Dual Language:
--Elementary (full school)--
-Avon Elementary
-Edwards Elementary
-Eagle Valley Elementary
-Gypsum Elementary
-Homestake Peak K-8
-June Creek Elementary

--Secondary (strand)--
-Berry Creek Middle School
-Homestake Peak School