Health Services

Health Services are available to all students within Eagle County Schools. Services are performed by registered nurses and health assistants. Services are based on the premise that good health is essential for optimal learning.

The following are the primary responsibilities of the professional nurse staff in the school:

  • Provision of acute, chronic, episodic, and emergency health care
  • Administration of medication, which includes documentation, monitoring, and training of designated personnel
  • Completion of vision and hearing screening
  • Development and implementation of Individualized Health Plans for students with health issues that impact education
  • Assistance to medically-challenged students to stay in school by performing nursing tasks (i.e. trachea care, catheterization, G-tube feedings and wound care)
  • Assessment of students' health status with identification of health problems that may affect academic achievement
  • Assessment of safety, injury, and illness prevention plans for students
  • Maintenance of state-mandated immunization records and other health assessment data
  • Dissemination of health-related education and information for individuals and groups
  • Development of community health resources as an outreach for families
For more information, please contact your local school.