Exceptional Student Services

Exceptional Student Services consists of the Gifted and Talented Services and the Special Education Services. Our goal is to tailor instruction for all students with exceptional needs. We educate all students to the same high standards, while providing learning opportunities to meet our students' individual needs. The Exceptional Student Services Department values teamwork, innovation, and professional pride. We hold a true commitment to our students who qualify and receive services through gifted and special education. We honor and respect the diversity of all our learners. Our staff strives to be responsive to the unique needs of students and families.

Special Education

The Special Education Department is devoted to serving our students with disabilities. We provide our students with the individualized instruction and services they need to be successful in school and in life. Our service providers and teams are committed to identifying students with disabilities and determining their individual needs. Our department supports classroom teachers and special education teachers by providing them with coaching, skills, and materials they need to work with their students with disabilities.   To visit our page:  Special Education

Gifted Education

The gifted and talented program was developed to ensure that our students are challenged to achieve their highest potential and that curriculum and learning opportunities are in line with their specific needs, interests and abilities. To learn more, please visit our page: Gifted and Talented

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