Spring Assessment Notice

During the end of March and the beginning of April, EVHS will begin the process of completing all of our state mandated assessments.  Depending on the student’s grade level there are days dedicated to testing students. All of these tests will assess the students’ knowledge and skills.  More importantly some of them are used for college entrance or to assess college readiness.

We have developed the following schedule for our assessment window.

• PARCC = Wednesday, March 29th and Tuesday, April 4th all 9th grade students will take the PARCC English and Language Arts assessments
• PSAT/SAT = Tuesday, April 11th all 10th grade students will take the PSAT and all 11th grade students will take the SAT.  9th and 12th grade students will be excused from school on April 11th to accommodate the testing for SAT and PSAT.
• CMAS = Wednesday, April 26th all Juniors will take the CMAS Science assessment.

The expectation is that all students and staff take all of these tests seriously and to always try their best. Attached to this message is a Q&A response for ECS Superintendent, Dr. Jason Glass, regarding the importance of these assessments to our system.