Speech and Debate -- The Turkey Bowl with the coveted Famous Turkey Hats!

This past weekend we hosted a record 19 schools at the new EVHS campus with over 360 entries. The results for top 6 for EHVS are below. Thank you to all the participants!

Herry Garcia - 1st in Drama
Caroline Dewell - 2nd in Humor
Gage Harper - 4th in Humor
Ashley Wagner - 3rd in Poetry
Saroja Manickam - 4th in Poetry
Megan Lodge - 6th in Poetry & 1st in Informative
Jessie Squires - 5th in Original Oratory
Brielle Kromer - 1st in CST & 3rd in DUO
Ian Forrester - 2nd in CST
Ella Srholez - 3rd in DUO
Arden Houck & Leah Dudley - 4th in DUO
Kalista Farmer - 2nd in POI
Esther Bear Sandiego - 3rd in POI
Jake Papadopoulos - 2nd in Impomprtu & Value Debate
Riley Dudley - 4th in Value & 5th in Impromptu
John Papadopoulos - 5th in Value