Halloween Costume Guidelines

Tuesday, OCTOBER 31st
Students may wear Halloween costumes to school. We encourage you to be creative, dress up with friends, and have fun with the spirit of the holiday.
EVHS Halloween Costume Guidelines
• Dress code – all regular EVHS dress code policies apply: including, no “revealing” clothing, appropriate shoes must be worn, etc.
• No masks that cover your face – you must be able to see, breath, and hear. Any mask that prevents staff from identifying students will not be allowed.
• Violence – no pretend “prop” weapons such as guns, knives, or swords.
• Appropriateness – costumes cannot promote use of drugs, alcohol, or violence of any kind. Costumes may not be offensive or inappropriate in any way.
Students who wear costumes that do not conform to the costume guidelines listed above will be asked to change their clothing or sent home to acquire an appropriate alternative.