EVHS transition to remote learning (11/18-11/20)

Dear EVHS Students and Parents,

We have had a steady increase in positive COVID-19 cases of both students and staff.  It has created a scenario where we are running short on coverage for our classes because teachers are out, and many classrooms have a majority of students joining online because they are either quarantined or being cautious.

For these reasons, we are transitioning to remote learning for the dates of Wednesday, November 18th until Friday, November 20th. Our plan will be to resume in-person learning the first day we return from Thanksgiving Break on Monday, November 30th.

When the physical school building has been closed, the natural question becomes “What do we do now?”  Please be aware of the following regarding our student learning expectations when we are remote learning.

#1 - Students will need to continue to follow their schedule.  This includes attending during their assigned days and hours of classes.  All students will login and join their classes at the same times they would have in person. 
A Day students will be expected to attend on Mondays and Thursdays. 
B Day students will be expected to attend on Tuesday and Fridays.

#2 - Students will use Google Meets to join classes with their teachers.  All students should know how to do this as it is a feature available for all classes.  Every staff member has a link and access code for Google Meets on their Schoology pages.

#3 - Students will be marked as either DLP (distance learning present) or DLA (distance learning absent) for each day they would normally be expected to attend class.

#4 - Students will need to continue to complete work and log into Schoology on their asynchronous days.  These would be the days they would normally work from home. 
A Day students will be expected to log into Schoology on Tuesdays and Fridays.
B Day students will be expected to log into Schoology on Mondays and Thursdays.
All students are expected to log into Schoology on Wednesdays.

#5 - All students should have access to a Chromebook, so they will have the hardware to complete assignments.  We realize that sometimes in our community that internet access can be limited or fail completely.  If a student needs a hotspot to increase your chance of connectivity you can contact the ECS Technology Department to request one.

Our schedule and system was designed to accommodate both in-person and remote learning.  We realize the shift to having all students in remote learning is not ideal; however, we will continue to offer instruction and access to teachers on a regular schedule.