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Eagle County School District uses the Whole School Whole Community Whole Child Model to support wellness in a comprehensive and integrated approach.   Whole child wellness is paramount to a student’s ability to achieve and is a priority in the district’s strategic plan.  When students are not well in any capacity, learning suffers.  When students are well across all aspects of wellness, performance is enhanced. 

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District Wellness Advisory Committee:  Over the past 3 years, the district has worked as a team of over 50 leaders and experts to draft a 5 year district wellness plan.  District administration, school staff, and community partners worked together to develop a comprehensive and research based  approach to school wellness using data provided by our students from Healthy Kids Colorado Survey and the Smart Source Survey of school wellness policy and practices.  The outcome of this plan will result in an updated District Wellness Policy that supports our comprehensive goals for whole child wellness. 

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