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ELD Programs and Services

Multilingual Education

The goal of the Multilingual Education Department is to prepare students to be college, career, and culture ready. We accomplish this through teaching techniques that allow students to access content and grade-level standards as they are learning the language of instruction. We value student differences and provide Multilingual Learners with opportunities to engage, practice, and authentically use the language of instruction.


In order for students to reach the same levels of academic learning that all students are expected to reach, students must be provided:

  1. comprehensible input that allows students access to content area learning
  2. language development, including opportunities to engage and practice the language in the content area classroom
  3. A safe learning environment where students are valued and able to take risks in their content and language learning. 

These 3 pillars are the anchor to successful Multilingual Education programs, including co-taught programs and dual language, where all students are learning an additional language. 


Schools select their programs based on the needs of the students enrolled in their school. MLE Programs are typically decided based on:

  • Language levels and language needs of the students who enroll in the school
  • Percentage of the school that are language learners
  • The number of students who are continuing a particular MLE program (as in the case of dual language students moving into middle school).

Eagle County School District has 3 types of Language Development Models that use the 3 pillars listed above. 

ECSD MLE Program Types