Meeting the social-emotional needs of gifted students is imperative to their success. Small groups are offered for gifted students up to eighth grade. Group conversations foster personal and social responsibility, multicultural competence, and interpersonal and technical communication skills. These groups encourage:

Personal Competence

Growth in competence and disposition for exceptional academic and creative productivity. These include self-awareness, self advocacy, self-efficacy, confidence, motivation, resilience, independence, and curiosity.

Social Competence

Students develop positive peer relationships & social interactions.

Leadership Skills

Students learn and demonstrate personal and social responsibilities to practice their leadership skills.

Cultural Competence

Students learn to value their own and others’ language, heritage, and circumstance. Students use positive strategies to address social issues, including discrimination and stereotyping.

Communication Skills

Students demonstrate advanced oral and written skills, bi- and multi-literacy, and creative expression. Students display fluency with technologies that support effective communication.

Gifted students in high school meet individually with a gifted specialist to discuss and set personal goals based on National Association for Gifted Children Standards, with consideration to their strengths, interests, needs, and plans after high school.