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Plan for Sharing of Mill Levy Revenues

Pursuant to Colorado House Bill 17-1375 and Colorado Revised Statutes § 22-32-108.5, the Eagle County School District RE50J (“District”) will provide that for the fiscal year 2019-2020 and each applicable fiscal year thereafter, the District shall allocate a portion of its additional mill levy revenue, as defined by § 22-32-108.5(a), to any charter school or innovation school authorized by the District’s Board of Education and in operation within the boundaries of the District during the relevant fiscal year.

The amount allocated for each charter school or innovation school as applicable shall be calculated to be ninety-five (95%) percent of the District’s per pupil mill levy share, as defined by § 22-32-108.5(g), multiplied by the applicable school’s certified Funded Pupil Count for the fiscal year. The above calculation shall be utilized unless the ballot language approved by voters for the mill levy override restricts the use of the funds. In such cases, the use of such mill levy override revenue shall be controlled by any such ballot language restrictions.

The Board shall periodically review this plan and update it as necessary to ensure that additional mill levy override revenue collected is equitably distributed to the benefit of all students enrolled in the District. Any changes to this plan shall be applied to all charter and innovation schools authorized by the District as of the date of the modified plan.

The District’s Board of Education reserves the right to contract with or financially support any charter school on an ad-hoc, individual, and discretionary basis in order to benefit District students and further the educational mission of the District. Any such contracts or support shall not be deemed to modify the District’s established House Bill 17-1375 plan.

Adopted June 13, 2018