Employer Name: 

Howard Head



Career Sector: 

Health Sciences & Public Safety


2019-2020 School Year


Howard Head Sports Medicine Clinic at the Vail Health Edwards Medical Campus on Beard Creek Road in Edwards



Skills Required: 

Looking to explore the day to day experience of a physical therapist? At Howard Head we will open our doors to you to allow you to do just that alongside our knowledgeable team members. During your internship you will examine a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, learning about the different factors that can cause them and how they can be addressed through physical therapy and interventions delivered by the greater sports medicine team. In addition to working with therapists, you will learn about the other roles required for a clinic to operate. From the duties of a patient representative, to those of a physician liaison, and all the roles in between, you will be exposed to the many people required behind the scenes that work to ensure therapists can focus on treating patients. Finally, you will get a look at the unique culture at Howard Head and have the opportunity to ask questions of the experts regarding how this is similar and different to other clinics in the country and why their approach to patient care has been so successful. This is an amazing opportunity for any individual interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy or just wanting to learn more about the sports medicine and rehabilitation side of the healthcare industry before deciding on a career direction.


Students must provide own transportation