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Housing Master Plan

The Eagle County School District Housing Master Plan creates a 10-year road map for the District’s employee housing efforts. The Plan includes goals, guiding principles, priority programs and projects, potential for funding and partnerships, and year by year measures of progress.

For many years, District employees have identified housing as one of the biggest challenges to living and working in Eagle County. Eagle County School District created this Master Plan to proactively respond to that challenge, creating opportunities to more successfully recruit and retaining employees. This Plan is intended to take a long view of the housing problems of a resort community, and to withstand ups and downs that will inevitably occur in the market. It outlines goals that will require a rapid response to the housing challenges of recent times, with many tasks to be addressed in the near term. It also provides a broad framework to guide housing work, and is anticipated to be revised and refined over time.
This Plan is intended to give a concise road-map to the development projects, programs, and initiatives the Eagle County School District will pursue in the next ten years. Each project contemplated here is envisioned to have further planning, feasibility research, and outreach to employees and the broader community. Projects and programs are anticipated to evolve over time, and with them, the overall Plan may change as well.