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District Accountability Advisory Committee

Eagle County School District's District Accountability Advisory Committee (commonly referred to as DAAC) is a legally constituted accountability and advisory committee at the district level. Each school in the district has a School Accountability Committee.

DAAC members meet at least once a month between October and March to hear school and department updates and provide input on many topics. The DAAC then summarizes the needs and reports to the Board of Education for them to consider for the next budgetary year. 

DAAC members are also responsible for ongoing communication with their School Accountability Committee (SAC).

Common topics of discussion include:

  • District Budgeting
  • Unified Improvement Plans
  • Family Engagement
  • District Policies

Learn more about School and District Accountability Committees from the Colorado Department of Education.

If you're interested in joining ECSD's District Accountability Advisory Committee, contact Natalia Olle or your school's principal.

If you're interested in joining a School Accountability Committee, contact that building's principal.