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Curricular Frameworks

Academic standards are determined by the Department of Education or the state of Colorado, and they state what each student should know by the end of each grade level. Our Curriculum Coordinator then unpacks those standards and breaks them into frameworks that form the curriculum for teachers. For example, if the state standard says that by the end of first grade students should be able to write a paragraph, the framework would include skills and content such as ability to write a sentence and understanding of what a paragraph is. The teacher then takes the items in the framework and translates it into everyday teaching. If we’re able, we provide a resource to support teachers.

In order for a curriculum resource to be adopted in Eagle County School District, it goes through an extensive process. Our Curriculum Coordinator creates a team of experts for that grade level and content area, consisting of teachers and district administrators, including representation from Special Education, Gifted & Talented, English Language Learners, and Technology for a diverse group of stakeholders. Team members research what resources they would like to see adopted and review what is being used in other districts, especially those with similar demographics to Eagle County. Then, teachers pilot a resource they would like to see adopted. The pilot process is typically a year-long for testing and review of the selected resource. After a year of use, team members will review and provide feedback on their experience and reach a consensus as to which resource to move forward with. Student feedback is also considered in this process.

The final step is to budget out the expense and present it to the Board of Education for approval and adoption.

Eagle County School District is currently in the process of making all of our Curricular Frameworks accessible to the public. This process includes removing copyrighted information so the files can be shared publicly. Thank you for your patience.

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