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Eagle Valley High School

Eagle Valley High School is a 4-year comprehensive high school accredited with distinction by the Colorado Department of Education. It holds membership in the Colorado Council of High School/College Relations.

Students experience challenging academics, a large variety of athletics, fun activities and social events, and a strong sense of community as an Eagle Valley Devil. With two former college mascots as Administrators, school spirit runs high and students strive to excel and represent their school with pride.

With both academic and technical opportunities of enrichment, graduating Devils are prepared to follow their dreams to the college or technical school of their choice.

Parents are welcome and active supporters of our school and their children, rounding out our full community of learners, parents and educators.

Sixty staff members: forty one teachers, two counselors, and three administrators.

2016-17 Academic Planning

This Academic Planning Guide was prepared to assist parents and students with the enrollment process and describes all the comprehensive course offerings at Eagle Valley High School for the school year. A description of each subject has been written to explain the basic content of each course.  The courses listed in this handbook are tentative. Courses can only be offered if there is sufficient student enrollment. Course offerings and the number of times a course is offered each school year are determined by the number of students that register for that class.


We recognize that individual needs, interests, abilities, and objectives differ. We urge each student to develop a four year plan considering these. This plan is tentative and may be altered to coincide with changing needs and objectives. The total number of credits that can be acquired in a school year is 8 (based on a 8-period day with 0.5 credits per period for each semester.)


EVHS has developed some sample outlines of what courses to take in order to best prepare for post-secondary opportunities. These are suggested paths based on the Colorado Career Cluster Model. We want to provide guidance and suggestions for how our courses align with the career clusters of Business Administration, Agriculture Natural Resources, STEM/Arts/Design, Skilled & Technical Trades, Health/Public Safety, and Hospitality & Human Services. Following these suggested course pathways is intended to give students a head start of working towards a career field where they have interests. This includes gaining access to Colorado Mountain College courses and internships that would be featured in the senior year.



Bell Schedules

Bus Routes

Updated--January 21, 2016

Please Note That Bus Routes Are Subject To Change As Students Continue To Enroll In Our Schools. These Pages Will Be Updated Accordingly. Bus Routes May Vary 5 Minutes, So Please Plan Accordingly.

**Chatfield and Cotton Ranch Students*** Upon Request There Is an AM Bus Stop @ RHES (Rt 32) and a PM Bus Stop @ GCMS (Rt 33) Please Call -328-2744 If you need to assign your student to one of those routes. 


Rt 32 AM     Buckhorn     **See RT 39 for Late Start and PM**

7:09 AM     145 Spring Creek Rd

7:12 AM     Spring Buck Rd -- Gravel Parking Area

7:15 AM     Indian Heights Way & Navajo Rd

7:45 AM   Eagle Valley High School


33 AM     Colo River Rd/Sweetwater /Dotsero / Yorkview

7:13 AM     Sweetwater Rd & Colorado River Rd

7:19 AM     5445 Colorado River Road

7:25 AM     1721 Colorado River Road

7:28 AM     Stephens Dr & Colorado River Rd

7:29 AM     Two Rivers Entrance-Before Round About  **See RT 40 for PM**

7:34 AM     4675 U.S. 6-Malpias Trailer Park Entrance  **See RT 40 for PM**

7:37 AM     4151 U.S. 6-Dotsero Small Trailer Park   **See RT 40 for PM**

7:45 AM     960 York View Dr

7:50 AM     Eagle Valley High School

Late Start 33 AM     *Students @ Sweetwater & Co River Rd + 1721 & 5445 Co. River Rd -will ride In @ Reg Time*

8:16 AM     Two Rivers Entrance-Before Round About

8:22 AM     4675 U.S. 6-Malpias Trailer Park Entrance

8:23 AM     4151 U.S. 6-Dotsero Small Trailer Park

8:3 AM     960 York View Dr

8:40 AM     Red Hill Elementary

8:45 AM     Eagle Valley High School

33 PM     Yorkview / Sweetwater / Colo River Rd

3:25 PM     Eagle Valley High School

3:29 PM     960 York View Dr

3:39 PM     Gypsum Creek Middle Shool

4:23 PM     Stephens Dr & Colorado River Rd

4:26 PM     1721 Colorado River Road

4:33 PM     5445 Colorado River Rd

4:36 PM     Sweetwater Road & Colorado River Road


36 AM     Eagle Town Park / Eagle Ranch

7:21 AM     Eagle Town Park -  Eco Stop

7:27 AM     460 Founders

7:45 AM     Eagle Valley High School

Late Start 36AM   ***Please See Rt 37 AM Late***

36 PM     Eagle Ranch/ Down Town Eagle

3:25 PM     Eagle Valley High School

3:38 PM     460 Founders Ave

3:44 PM     Fourth of July & Eagle Ranch Rd

3:47 PM     Ouzel Lane & Eagle Ranch Rd

3:51 PM     Brush Creek Terrace & Brush Creek Road

3:56 PM     Eagle Town Park / Eco Stop

4:02 PM     Castle Peak Road & Mesa Dr

4:03 PM     151 Mesa Dr

4:05 PM     Pinion Ln W & Mesa Dr

4:11 PM     Eby Creek Rd / ECO Stop / Loaf -n- Jug


37 AM     Mccoy/ Bond / Villas/ Eagle

6:34 AM     Mccoy Community Center

6:40 AM     16711 Hwy 131 - Bond Post Office

7:03 AM     4098 Hwy 131 - 4 Eagle Ranch

          AM     Diamond J Dr & Us Hwy 6 **Currently no riders @ this stop-Call 328-2744**

7:22 AM     Chelsea Ct W & Nogal Road

7:24 AM     17683 Us Hwy 6 - Crabtree Gallery

7:28 AM     Eagle Valley Middle School - Students Living Near EVMS & EVES *LS  Rt 39*

7:45 AM     Eagle Valley High School


Late Start 37 AM     Eagle / Villas / Eby Creek

8:10 AM   460 Founders Ave

8:15 AM   Eagle Town Park -  Eco Stop

8:21 AM   Chelsea Ct W & Nogal Road

8:23 AM    17683 US Hwy 6- Crabtree Gallery

         AM     Eby Creek Rd / ECO Stop / Loaf -n- Jug  **No riders@ this stop-Call 328-2744**

8:26 AM     Castle Peak Road & Mesa Dr

8:27 AM     151 Mesa Dr

8:29 AM     Pinion Ln W & Mesa Dr

8:45 AM     Eagle Valley High School

37 PM     Eagle Villas / Us Hwy 6 / Bond / Mc Coy

3:28 PM     Eagle Valley High School

3:45 PM     Chelsea Ct W & Nogal Road

3:49 PM     17683 Us Hwy 6 - Crabtree Gallery

3:52 PM     Arrive @ Eagle Valley MS - Drop Students That Live Near EVMS & EVE

         PM     Diamond J Dr & Us Hwy 6  **Currently no riders @ this stop-Call 328-2744**

4:17 PM     4098 St Hwy 131 - 4 Eagle Ranch

4:40 PM     16711 St Hwy 131 - Bond Post Office

4:47 PM     McCoy Community Center

Late Start 39 AM     EVMS / Buckhorn  **See RT 32 AM for Buckhorn Reg. Days*

8:17 AM   Eagle Valley Middle School

8:31 AM   145 Spring Creek Rd

8:34 AM   Spring Buck Rd-Gravel Parking Area

8:37 AM   Indian Heights Way & Navajo Rd / Park

8:45 AM   Eagle Valley High School

39 PM     Buckhorn Valley

3:25 PM     Eagle Valley High School

3:27 PM     Commerce Park & Cooley Mesa Rd

3:29 PM     145 Spring Creek Rd

3:32 PM     Spring Buck Road - Gravel Parking Area

3:35 PM     Indian Heights Way & Navajo Road-Park

40 PM     Dotsero / Two Rivers

3:30 PM     Eagle Valley High School

3:40 PM     4675 Us Hwy 6 - Malpias Trailer Pk

3:42 PM     4151 Us Hwy 6 - Dotsero Small Trailer Park

3:45 PM     Two Rivers Entrance Before Round About


42 AM     Eby Creek Mesa Shuttle To Rt 37

7:01 AM     Castle Peak Road & Mesa Dr

7:02 AM     151 Mesa Dr

7:04 AM     Pinion Ln W & Mesa Dr

7:10 AM     217 W Chamber Ave - Behind Loaf N Jug

7:30 AM     Eagle Valley Elem - Transfer H.S. Students To Rt. 37

Please Note That Bus Routes Are Subject To Change As Students Continue To Enroll In Our Schools. These Pages Will Be Updated Accordingly.

Last Updated: January 21st, 2016


  • Over 115 courses are offered in 10 departments
  • Honors courses are offered in Geography, English I & II, Integrated Math II & III, and Anatomy & Physiology and are designated by HON on the transcript. Grades in Honors are not weighted.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in 5 subjects: Calculus AB, Computer Science, Statistics, Spanish, English Literature, World History, Studio Art, American Government, and Psychology.
  • Dual Enrollment (DE) classes offered in conjunction with Colorado Mountain College in the 2013-14 school year include: Advanced Auto I &II, US History I & II, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, College Chemistry I & II, Biology I & II, Environmental Science, Physics, Astronomy, and English Composition I & II.


Grading and ranking

Grades are given on a letter scale: A, B, C, D, and F. AP and Dual Enrollment classes are weighted by 1.0. GPA is calculated using only semester grades to include all coursework. Class rankings are based on weighted cumulative GPA.
Regular                 Weighted
A: 90-100   4.0    5.0  Excellent
B: 80-89     3.0    4.0  Above Average
C: 70-79      2.0    3.0  Average
D: 60-69      1.0    1.0  Below Average
F: below 60 0.0   0.0  Failing

P = Passing Credit earned/not included in GPA. WP = Passing at withdrawal/not included in GPA. WF = Failing at withdrawal/F in GPA. NG = No grade given/not included in GPA. NC = No credit given.

With approval students may retake a course for which they have failed or received a D. The new grade becomes the official grade on the transcript. The previous grade appears as an NC for No credit.

Graduation Requirements

Twenty five credits are required for graduation in 2015 with a minimum in the following areas (One semester equals .5 credits):

English: 4.0                        Social Studies:  3.0
Mathematics: 3.0               Sciences: 3.0
Physical Education:  1.5     Health: 0.5
Total: 25.0

Graduation Information

The end is in sight for the Class of 2016.  Hopefully everyone is excited about this momentous occasion and the culmination of so many years of hard work and effort.  We have shared all of this with the Class of 2016 in various ways at school, including at a class meeting today, but we want to keep parents in the loop as well.

 Senior Final Exams:  Wednesday, May 11th (Periods 1-3) & Thursday, May 12th (Periods 4-7)

  • Each course at EVHS is expected to give a comprehensive final exam.  For the Seniors their exams will include coursework up until these dates.

 Senior Checkout Day:  Friday, May 13th

  • Seniors are required to attend all their scheduled classes to complete checkout.  Teachers will confirm receipt of classroom materials and completion of coursework.
  • During passing periods, off-periods, lunch, and after school Seniors will also get signatures confirming that they are clear of any other fines or other outstanding requirements for graduation. (examples: athletic director, librarian, counselors, registrar, and principal).
  • Students will have a deadline of 72 hours before graduation ceremonies to confirm they are have met all of the criteria to graduate.  This is primarily true of online classes.  EVHS has no oversight or responsibility for the completion of online classes.  If students cannot produce a transcript grade showing they have completed a required course for graduation at least 72 hours prior to the ceremony, they will not be allowed to participate.
  • Students who are early graduates will need to complete this process in the fall when they leave.

 Required Graduation Rehearsal:  Wednesday, May 18th @ 8:00am in the EVHS gymnasium

  • ALL Seniors are REQUIRED to attend this MANDATORY rehearsal. 
  • Anyone not in attendance will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • Students should expect to be there until approximately 11:30am.
  • Work, family issues, or other conflicts need to be resolved prior to this date as they will not be considered valid reasons for missing the rehearsal.

 Senior Honors Night:  Tuesday, May 17th @ 6:30pm in the EVHS Auditorium

(Note, this is a change in date from original communication)

  • Awards, scholarships, cords and honors presented to Seniors
  • Seniors will be invited who are receiving recognitions; all others are welcomed to attend.

 Senior Banquet Night:  Wednesday, May 18th @ 6:30pm in the EVHS Cafeteria

  • Desert Bar that is FREE for all Seniors, parents, and friends.
  • Senior musical performances, guest speakers, Most Likely To Awards, Senior Class Video, and other parts will be celebrated with the Senior Class.

 Graduation Ceremony:  Saturday, May 21st @ 9:00am at Hot Stuff Stadium

  • Graduates needing makeup pictures in their caps and gowns should report at 7:30 am.
  • ALL graduates need to report by 8:00am in the EVHS gymnasium.  The early reporting time for Seniors is to accommodate taking a class picture and getting lined up before the ceremony.

 Project Graduation:  TBD

  • During the week of graduation there will be a safe, fun, and final event for the Senior Class to enjoy.  This event is completely organized by parents outside of the school or its staff.

 Graduation Robes:  DON’T forget to order your cap and gown.  You can’t graduate without the proper attire!  Caps and Gowns will be delivered in April during lunch.  Please contact Herff Jones directly with questions.  Call: 970-663-2668 or Online: 

  • Wednesday, March 9th (Cap and Gown Pictures).
  • If you miss this date you will have to do it the morning of graduation at 7:30am.

 Dress Etiquette:  For the Senior Honors Night and Graduation Ceremony it is expected that students dress appropriately for these time honored and significant community events.  “Business casual” would be the minimum expectation for student attire.

  • Men:  khakis, trousers, collared shirts, button-down shirts, dress shoes.
  • Women:  khakis, trousers, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, dress shoes.
  • What not to wear:  hats, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, flip-flops.
  • Students are NOT allowed to adorn their caps/gowns with any personalized items.  The only thing that can be shown as decorations are the cords provided by EVHS to honor graduates.  Anyone that has altered their gown in a manner that highlights or makes it different from others will NOT be allowed to walk or participate in the Graduation ceremonies.

 Inclement Weather:  In the event of significant inclement weather, we will postpone the ceremony in 1 hour increments until we see the weather clear.  We will announce this postponement 30 min prior to the ceremony.  Please check our website and FaceBook for updates.  Thank you for your understanding and support of this amazing event

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Eagle Valley High School
641 Valley Road
PO Box 188
Gypsum, CO 81637

Telephone: 970-328-8960
Fax: 970-328-8965

Principal: Greg Doan
Assistant Principal: Eric Mandeville
Athletic/Activities Director/Asst. Principal: Tami Payne 
Assistant Principal: Tom LaFramboise

School Mascot: Devils
School Colors: Black and white w/red

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