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Eagle County Schools's Transportation Department operates 49 buses running 27 bus routes. We transport 3,722 students safely, to and from school, covering 2,447 route miles per day.  We also transport students all over the state to various sporting events, field trips, and other cultural learning opportunities. Altogether, our buses log around 500,000 miles annually. We have operated without passenger injury for over 2 decades. Safe operation of school buses requires cooperation and collaboration of drivers, riders, parents, and schools.  The rules for riding are available below in both English or Spanish.

Bus passes are required to ride the bus. Your child should have received his or her pass on picture day and will have an AM and PM bus route listed on the lower right corner. If your child missed picture day or has lost their pass please call 328-2744 for assistance. The cost for replacement bus passes is $5.00.  If your student is new and/or missed picture day , we will take a photo and print one for them if eligible to ride.

Please explain to your child that drivers do not wait for running students. Most student accidents happen from slipping and falling while running. To discourage this unsafe practice, we don't wait for runners and instead, ask that children arrive at their 5 minutes prior to the bus stop arrival time to catch the bus.

Space Available Transportation

The transportation of Variance/Transfer students is available on a Space Available basis on routes that have the capacity/room to do so. Please complete a Space Available Transportation Request form and return it to the Transportation Department no later than September 1st of this school year. Notification of the approval or denial of your request shall be made to you no later than September 15th of each school year. Please plan to transport your student until you have been verified and authorized to ride a requested route. DO NOT drop your student at a bus stop until your student has been approved to ride!

Please note that; should student numbers, of the regularly assigned students to a bus, increase to above those in the calculations below then Transfer/Variance students will no longer be transported. Parents will be notified in the event that this happens so as to make other transportation arrangements.

The following procedures will be used to determine appropriate capacity:

  • Based on the load counts and the 65 passenger bus, we will use the following limits:
  • At the beginning of the school year, load counts, for each day of the week, on every route will be collected. The greatest number of students will be the number used to determine if a route has appropriate room to transport any additional students, regardless of the day.
    • Elementary students: 60 per bus
    • Middle school students: 50 per bus
    • High school students: 45 per bus
    • Mixed students on a bus
      • Middle & Elementary 55
      • High School & Middle 50
Space Available Transportation Application
Solicitud de Transporte Según Disponibilidad

Bus Notes

  • We are unable to allow students to ride any bus other than their own unless previously approved as a "Space Available" rider. Exceptions to this would be for a student that needs to get off their own assigned route but at a stop different than their own.  All bus notes MUST have the approval of a school official.  Spanish notes must be translated for the driver.  Students shall provide their notes to the driver upon boarding the bus for verification.
  • PRESCHOOL AGED STUDENTS:  ALL PRESCHOOLERS MAY ONLY BE RELEASED TO AN APPROVED PARENT OR GUARDIAN THAT IS AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD!  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! For the safety of all riders/students, buses are unable to wait for parents that are late.  Students will be returned to their school for parent pickup.