Gifted Education


The gifted and talented program was developed to ensure that our students are challenged to achieve their highest potential and that curriculum and learning opportunities are in line with their specific needs, interests and abilities.


  • District administration, teachers, families, and the community share the responsibility to provide relevant and challenging opportunities to develop the individual potential of advanced learners.
  • Gifted students have unique strengths and needs that must be addressed.
  • Gifted ability exists and should be identified and served in students of all ages from all cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.
  • Every child deserves a rigorous and challenging curriculum with tiered programming and a continuum of services.
  • Every child shares the responsibility for maximizing the learning opportunities provided.

Is Your Child Gifted?

Do you feel you child is gifted? Does he or she have characteristics of giftedness?
Please take a moment to review this informative presentation about what it means to be gifted and some characteristics of giftedness.


Contact & Interest Information

Are you interested in knowing more about Gifted Education in Eagle County Schools? Would you like to connect with other GT families? Do you have an expertise that you would like to share? Please contact us.

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