The pros and cons of 3A

As a public employee, I am prohibited from advocating for or against anything on the ballot. However, as the superintendent of our community school system, I do have a responsibility to inform the public on matters related to our schools and this includes the two election questions Eagle County Schools has on the ballot this fall, known as 3A and 3B. When discussing these, I am bound by law to provide a factual and balanced perspective.

Honoring our Veteran's

Honoring our Veteran's is near and dear to our hearts at Red Sandstone. On November 11th at 8:00 a.m. we will be honoring any parents or grandparents of students that have served in the military along with other Veterans from our community. If there is a member of your family or if you know of a local Veteran that we can honor please call Diane Golden (328-2910) with your information or if you have questions. If possible, we would like to have this information by the first week in November.


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