The Communications department is responsible for fostering awareness, understanding and support for our schools, students and staff. We believe that schools come from their communities, and communities come from their schools.

How do we foster awareness, understanding and support?

The communications paradigm is rapidly changing in the "Information Age." Social media, cellphone technology, and electronic communication are rapidly changing how the world communicates. The three biggest changes are:
  • Speed -- we're in a "as it happens" news cycle instead of the "what happened yesterday" cycle
  • Dialog -- organizations used to speak "to" constituents, now we speak "with" our constituents. You can give us instant feedback and share opinions with us, and others, like never before
  • Self-publishing -- organizations can self publish content, and attract constituents directly. Likewise, constituents can self-publish and attract their own audiences.

Traditional methods of communication are changing.

  • Facebook and Twitter. They provide daily, often hourly, updates of news, events, achievements, and announcements. Please follow-us on Twitter @EagleCOSchools and Like Us on Facebook /eagleschools.
  • This website serves as a central repository of information about all of our schools, the activities of the Board of Education, district and school events, sports news, media coverage, emergency announcements, contact information, Board Policies, gateways to Powerschool (where parents monitor student progress), lunch menus, calendars, special services -- everything you need to know about your school system is on this website. .
  • School Messenger is a sytems we use to email and text parents and students about news, announcements and especially emergency information. Each fall parents are asked to do an Information Update in our registration systems to be sure we have the most up-to-date information and preferences as to how to reach them with our School Messenger sytem.
  • The Annual Report, once an artsy presentation of the district, is now a simple letter with a link to a dynamic, easy-to-use interactive website where parents can engage our performance data directly and look at many different dataset comparisons.
  • Powerschool, where parents can check the weekly progress of their student instead of a single semester or quarterly update, essentially replaces grade cards.
  • We assist print and broadcast journalists in their efforts to cover education by providing facts, sharing data, suggesting photos, and arranging for interviews and quotes. .
  • It's an exciting time to be a parent -- and an exciting time to share information about our excellent schools, students, community partners, and parents.