Board of Education

The public is invited to attend Board Meetings and provide input to the Board at the beginning of each meeting, and when related to an agenda item. In order to address the Board, persons must turn in a “Request to Address the Board” card to the Secretary of the Board PRIOR to the agenda item being introduced. Public participation is limited to three minutes per individual. If you are part of a large group, please appoint one spokesperson to be respectful of everyone’s time. The Board will not engage in a discussion, attempt to validate the truth or accuracy of any statement, nor provide an immediate response to the input. Rather, the Board can benefit from hearing the input and determine what follow-up action is required. This could include a future discussion, work session, or additional research, followed by an official response.

Superintendent Search Process Update

The Board of Education unanimously selected our new Superintendent, Dr. Carlos Ramirez. Please read the district-wide announcement below.

Announcement: New Superintendent


Board of Education 2016-17

Kate Cocchiarella, President

District B | Term Expires 2021
PO Box 740, Eagle, CO 81631
Home: 970.376.4231
Fax: 970.476.1101

Tessa Kirchner, Vice President

District A | Term Expires 2019
PO Box 4351, Vail, CO 81658
Home: 970.845.1106
Work: 970.390.0966

Shelly Jarnot, Secretary/Tres.

District G | Term Expires 2021
PO Box 158, Edwards, CO 81632
Home: 970.390.4028

Felicia Battle

District D | Term Expires 2019
PO Box 3058, Eagle, CO 81631
Home: 970.471.0458

Melisa Rewold-Thuon

District F | Term Expires 2021
PO Box 740, Eagle, CO  81631
Home: 970.471.4354

Rebecca Cotton

District C | Term Expires 2019
PO Box 740, Eagle, CO  81631
Home: 970.376.3594 


Inga Haagenson Causey

District E | Term Expires 2021
PO Box 740, Eagle, CO  81631
Home: 970.926.6556