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To see the real progress and evolution of schools, check out our I-Quad/Learning Commons! The days of libraries being just a repository of old books are long gone. Libraries in Eagle County Schools are evolving into Learning Commons – media-rich with laptops, LCD screens, and high-top tables for collaboration – the only thing keeping it from being a coffee shop in a bookstore is the coffee. Needless to say, Learning Commons are the new "hub" of the school.

What is a Learning Commons?
"A Learning Commons is a common or shared space that is both physical and virtual. It is designed to move students beyond mere research, practice and group work to a greater level of engagement through exploration, experimentation, and collaboration. A Learning Commons is more than a room or a website. A Learning Commons allows users to create their own environments to improve learning. A Learning Commons is about changing school culture, and transforming the way teaching and learning occurs." Loertscher, Koechlin, and Rosenfeld, 2012. is a "media-rich" state of mind that facilitates teaching and learning using a myriad of formats.

Barb's Corner

Hi, I'm Barbara Romersheuser, District Library Media & Textbook Coordinator for Eagle County Schools. I invite students, parents, and staff to spend a little time "exploring" the many great resources we offer to today's students. The library no longer has "walls," everyone is one click away from discovering the universe. Research for students has never been easier or more challenging. With so much information available, it becomes a real scholarly task to dig through the information and find great sources. Fortunately, our students are comfortable doing just that, after all, they grew up with this technology at hand. Check back often, as I will post updates and links to exciting resources parents, students, and staff can use. -- Barb.