Make-A-Wish Community Thank You

Dear EVHS Community,

We wanted to reach out and share some extraordinary news from EVHS.  Through the leadership of our Student Council we began a "Wish Week" for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our goal was to raise $5,000 to support Scarlett's wish to go on a Disney Cruise.  Scarlett is a student at Eagle Valley Elementary and the sister of Dom and Isabelle (EVHS Students). She is living with leukemia.

In one week we far exceeded that initial goal by raising $24,594.63

At our opening assembly in a "Miracle Minute" our students brought forward $4977.22 of their own money. That was just a kickoff to an amazing week of events and activities that made it all happen.  At the closing assembly I made an off handed comment that we were $30 short of a $15,000 goal to shave another teacher’s hair (knowing that we had much more) to build suspense. Students started running onto the court and were handing me money. In a spontaneous moment we raised an additional $1,500 at that time.

The closing assembly allowed us to have Scarlett and her family there to celebrate the process and present the check. By exceeding our goal of $5000, students were rewarded by seeing 15 staff members who shaved/dyed their hair with each $500 over the initial goal.  We were also able to award at least 3 other wishes to children who are a part of the Colorado Make-A-Wish foundation.  Ura is 4 year old girl from Aurora who has chromosomal anomaly and wanted to swim with dolphins.  Aiden is a 7 year old girl from Loveland living with a disease of her nervous system who’s wish was to visit NASA and meet astronauts.  Thanks to the generosity of our community their wishes became part of your giving.

EVHS has a student population that has 35% on free/reduced lunch program; the reality is it is much higher but unreported. We had students who volunteered their time when they didn't have money to contribute to participate in the giving. Knowing how much these students gave of themselves to someone else in need is a powerful reminder of the human spirit when selflessness takes over.  There are lots of justifiable reasons to be concerned with the state of affairs in our schools and around the country. Moments like this should remind us that great acts of love and kindness still exist.

The events of that week are documented in several ways.  You can check out the videos, pictures, and newspaper articles at the following links.

• EVTV Segment on Scarlett’s Family – Click Here
• Vail Daily Article covering the week’s events – Click Here
• EVHS Student Media Photo Album from closing assembly – Click Here
• CBS 4 News story from their 6pm broadcast – Click Here

Many in our community stepped forward to give to this cause.  The online donations alone totaled over $4,000 from parents, businesses, and alumni.  Listed below are all the names we have of those that were attached to the various forms of giving.  We thank you all for showing our students the power of a community’s heart and love.  Many more names could be here through anonymous donations, here is a partial list we know of who gave.  Thank you!
2 Valley Tire
American Plumbing and Heating
Barbara Lodge
Berge Family
Betz Family
Bobby & Jessica Hermosillo
Brylee and Bowen Huff
Carol Wick
Color Coffee Roasters
Crawlin to a Cure
Crystal Cowles
Dirk and Cindy Torkelson Family
Eagle County Sheriff Dept
Evans Chaffee Construction
EVHS Foundation “Fire & Ice Gala”
Foster Family
Fusion Hair Studio
Gracie Rounds
Hannah Shapiro
Hobbs Excavating
Houck Family
Jack & Ashlyn Klobucar
Jake and Zak Cossette
Jeanne McCann
Joslin S Blair
Justin & Shelli Nielsen
Kent Family
Kieran & Mary Keddy
Kindra Stiles
Kum & Go
Lizette Dieguez
Marie Gardoni
Mariya Trifonova
Martina Thomson
Mary & Jim Middleton
Melissa Carpenter
Melissa Mather
Natalie Landin
Olivia Goldberg
R&H Mechanical
Rick & LaVina Beveridge
Riley & Liz McGillvray
Ryan & Katie Uhnavy
Scott Turnipseed
Sebastian Melgarejo
Skellion family
Skyline Mechanical
Stavney Family
Susan Uhnavy
Taylor Rivers
Teri Thomson
The Austin Family
The Carlson Family
The Garvey’s
The Taagen’s
Tori Hollis and Mom