Finland and ECS- Let's Start the Conversation!

Today, Kelly and I presented our learnings from the EduTour of Finland to Eagle County Schools principals and administrators. Click HERE to view our slideshow. (It's best to download it as a PowerPoint and view the notes to follow along.) We hope to start a conversation about what we might try or adapt for our context in Eagle County, so please comment below with your ideas! 

Additionally, I came across THIS article from the Washington Post just a few days ago. I think it paints a pretty accurate description of what we saw in the schools we visited. 

I hope to read your thoughts below! 



Loved the Power Point! Did you see what processes schools use to communicate with parents who are not fluent in Finnish? Were you able to see Interpreters and/or Translators at hand, or did they explain how these professionals function in the schools? Thanks :)

Hi, Monica! Those are great

Hi, Monica! Those are great questions! There's a system called WILMA that teachers used to communicate with parents (kind of like our PowerSchool) and that seemed to be the main mode of communication. Within that system, you can change the language with the click of a button. However, I would imagine that the teacher's individual comments would not be translated and that the assistants in the school would need to translate that information for the parents. While I didn't see translators at hand, I would assume that the teachers/assistants who speak Finnish and the student's mother tongue would assist in communication to parents as well.