LMS (Learning Management Systems) Pilot Opportunity

ECS Teachers & Staff,

This year an LMS (Learning Management System) Exploration Project team was formed.  This team has looked at the education options that an LMS would bring to ECS and they have explored a number of LMS systems in depth.  Moving forward, we will begin a voluntary pilot of two of these learning management systems.  Those learning management systems are Schoology and Canvas.  

Across the district, several teachers will pilot each LMS.  The Curriculum Department and Education Technology team, will gather data and feedback from the teachers piloting in an effort to drive future district-wide purchasing decisions.

Pilot teachers will receive the following:

1.)    Full access to one of the learning management systems
2.)    Training opportunities connected to your chosen LMS
3.)   An opportunity to try new systems and influence future district-wide purchasing decisions.

In return, pilot teachers will need to commit to:

1.)    Using your chosen LMS and all of its components for the duration of the pilot.
2.)    Seeking new opportunities to use your chosen LMS with their students and parents.
3.)    Thoughtful completion of surveys about your chosen LMS and its components
4.)    Providing a recommendation about your chosen LMS with supporting evidence and data at the end of School Year 2015-2016.

This pilot is 100% voluntary.  Please visit the LMS PILOT SIGN-UP FORM before January 8th to sign up for the LMS pilot.  Additional information will be sent out when we return from winter break.


  • This pilot is for teachers who are eager to use an LMS within their daily classroom to support their teaching.

  • If you already have classes created in one of these two LMSs using a free account.  These classes can be moved within the pilot program.  This will preserve your existing work but allow you to fully participate in the pilot and all of its features (such as gradebook sync).

If you have any questions regarding the LMS Pilot or the two learning management systems please reply to Brian Brugger (see contact information below).

Education Technology Manager | ECS Technology
t: @brugger | @ECSEdTech
o: 970-328-1933 | f: 970-328-4815