Launch of the C2L Task Force

On January 25th our Connect2Learn task force met for the first time.  This meeting outlined the core purpose of the Task Force, which is to create a written recommendation to the ECS Chief Technology Officer regarding how to proceed in a number of areas of technology.  These areas include student devices, teacher devices, computer labs, mobile computer labs, and professional learning to name a few.

In short, the recommendation of the Task Force must consider 4 key things.
  1. The INSTRUCTIONAL NEEDS of the learning
  2. What STUDENT TASKS should look like
  3. What DEVICES best address these instructional needs and student tasks
  4. Solutions for the IMPLEMENTATION of these devices into the learning environment, including the logistical rollout and the necessary professional learning that will take place.
The majority of this first meeting centered around establishing a foundation on which to build our recommendation. Our group broke out into 4 small groups, each taking time to study one or two educational technology integration models.  The integration models included the SAMR, Triple E, TPACK, TIM, and the Rigor/Relevance Model.  After study of these models the groups shared out their findings and discussed the impact that these models have in instruction and student learning.

The great thing about this work is that it really lines up with the greater work happening within our district…the work being done in our schools.  As Dr. Glass outlined in his article, Bringing the Revolution, "the revolution toward a different paradigm is already underway in our community” and the Connect2Learn Initiative is here to help move it forward.

For more information on what we are doing within Eagle Schools, please read Dr. Glass’ most recent article, Shift to Digital World.

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